Statue Honoring 1956 Hungarian Revolution Unveiled in Washington, DC

Statue of the 'Budapest Lad' at the future Hungarian Embassy

Statue of the ‘Budapest Lad’ at the future Hungarian Embassy

On Sunday, October 16, 2016, the Embassy of Hungary celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight with the unveiling ceremony of the “Pesti srac” (Lad of Budapest) statue at the future Embassy building at 1500 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. As part of the ceremony, Friends of Slovakia Chairman Joe Senko and Vice Chairman Ken Bombara participated in a wreath-laying at the statue, along with numerous other groups and embassies, including the Embassy of Slovakia, and its ambassador H.E. Peter Kmec.
Among the speakers at the ceremony were several Hungarian officials, including Ambassador to the United States, H.E. Dr. Reka Szemerkenyi. The United States Ambassador to Hungary, H.E. Coleen Bell, delivered remarks on behalf of the U.S.

In her invitation to the event, Hungarian Ambassador Szemerkenyi wrote, “The year 2016 marks one of the most important anniversaries in Hungarian and global history of the Cold War. The 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight against the Soviet oppression, was not only a truly momentous effort expressing a nation’s strongest values and desire for freedom and democracy, but it was the first truly powerful fight against the communist regime at the height of the Cold War. It then strongly inspired the nations of Czechoslovakia in 1968, and the Polish people in 1980, to fight against their communist oppressors. Ultimately, the succession of these events, coupled with the United States’ commitment to support freedom and democracy, brought an end to the Soviet oppression. This is why we believe the revolution, although crushed by Soviet tanks, meant a real turn in the history of the Cold War.”

The ‘Lad of Budapest’ statue represents the many young people, some teenagers, who participated in and gave their lives in the 1956 Revolution. The ‘Budapest Lad’ is holding the Hungarian flag with the communist-era symbol cut out of the center.

FOS Chairman Joe Senko lays flowers at the 'Budapest Lad' statue

FOS Chairman Joe Senko lays flowers at the ‘Budapest Lad’ statue

FOS Chairman Joe Senko lays flowers at the 'Budapest Lad' statue

FOS Chairman Joe Senko and Vice Chairman Ken Bombara at the ‘Budapest Lad’ statute

Slovak Ambasasdor Peter Kmec and his wife, Monica, with FOS Chairman Joe Senko at future Hungarian Embassy

Slovak Ambasasdor Peter Kmec and his wife, Monica, with FOS Chairman Joe Senko at future Hungarian Embassy


Dr. Eva Jenkins elected to FOS Board of Directors

jenkins-eva“Friends of Slovakia is pleased to announce that Dr. Eva Jenkins has been elected to the FOS Board of Directors. Eva’s demonstrated commitment to advancing US-Slovak friendship make her an outstanding addition to our leadership ranks..

Dr. Eva Strelka Jenkins was born in Bratislava and departed with her family shortly after the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact forces invaded Czechoslovakia on 20 August 1968. Her parents had to leave without say goodbye to family and friends, no knowledge of the English language, with virtually no money, two tiny suitcases and a two year-old little girl. After spending 10 years in Canada, her family immigrated to the United States in 1978.

Dr. Jenkins is now a Colonel in the United States Air Force, Assistant Professor, and Chair for the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff at the National Defense University, National War College. Previously she served as the Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, (ISR) Pacific Air Forces, Hawaii, where she was the Air Force Senior Intelligence Officer for 2,000 personnel in the Pacific covering 52% of the earth’s surface.

Among her capacities, Eva is a European/NATO/Eurasian Regional Affairs Specialist and a Political Affairs Specialist. Her regional areas of expertise are Slovakia, Central Europe, Europe, Russia and the Asia-Pacific region. Her functional areas of expertise are national security strategy; strategic planning; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); executive leadership and coaching; and motivational speaking.

Eva holds a B.S. in Mathematics, a M.A. in Computer Resources (Distinguished Graduate) from Webster University, Missouri, a M.A. in Strategic Studies (Academic Distinction) from Air University, and a Ph.D. in International Studies (Academic Merit) from the University of Miami. Eva travels back to Slovakia often either in an official or personal capacity. With a passion for cooperation between the United States and Slovakia, Eva’s doctoral dissertation Slovakia’s Journey to NATO Membership, was published as a book in both English and Slovak.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblr

Ambassador Sedgwick joins FOS Board of Advisors

theodore-sedgwick-us-ambassadorFriends of Slovakia is pleased to announce that former US Ambassador to Slovakia Theodore Sedgwick has joined our distinguished Board of Advisors. Ambassador Sedgwick is a Commissioner with the World War I Commission, a member of the board of the Slovak-American Foundation and President of the Slovak-American Business and Innovation Council. He is also a fellow with the Transatlantic Center at SAIS and a fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblr

FOS Co-sponsors Holocaust Remembrance Photo Exhibit “Last Folio”

Photojournalist Yuri Dojc discussing the exhibit

Photojournalist Yuri Dojc discussing the exhibit

On January 28, 2016, Friends of Slovakia co-sponsored the opening of an exhibition of unique photos commemorating the Holocaust entitled “Last Folio”. The opening event was held at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. in cooperation with the Embassy of Slovakia and the Embassy of Canada. The exhibit is open to the public until April 1, 2016.

The creator of exhibit, Yuri Dojc, is a Slovak/Canadian photographer. He discovered that there were long-abandoned buildings and synagogues in Eastern Slovakia that contained artifacts from the period when Jews were deported from Slovakia during the Holocaust. The buildings had been largely undisturbed since WWII and he set about to document this find as an act of remembrance. The exhibit contains photos of the abandoned artifacts, such as the disintegrating books left on the shelves of a Jewish school. Mr. Dojc also pursued contacts with the few remaining Holocaust survivors who lived in Slovakia at the time. Their photos are also included in the exhibit.

Yuri Dojc with FOS Vice Chairman Ken Bombara

Yuri Dojc with FOS Vice Chairman Ken Bombara

Mr. Dojc also compiled a film documentary of the project, with Director Katya Kraus, which was shown at the Slovak Embassy on Jan. 26. A shorter excerpt from this documentary is also a part of the photo exhibit at the Wilson Center. We hope to provide information when the documentary film becomes available for further viewing. FOS urges anyone living in or visiting the D.C.-area to stop by this unique exhibit that documents a dark period in Slovak history, but at the same time, inspires through the power of remembrance.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblr

Friends of Slovakia Model of Aeromobil Goes on National Tour

Boeing CEO DennisMuilenburg at Smithsonian

Boeing CEO DennisMuilenburg at Smithsonian

A scale model of the Aeromobil flying car, designed and manufactured in Slovakia, has begun a 4-5 year tour of the USA. It is part of a spectacular aerospace exhibit sponsored by the Boeing Corporation entitled “Above and Beyond” currently at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum on the Mall in Washington, DC until January 3, 2016. The model was brought to the United States by Friends of Slovakia and is on loan to the exhibit.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblr

CEPA Conference on Transatlantic Security

President A. Wess Mitchell, Rep. Ed Royce, Foreign Minister Zaoralek

President A. Wess Mitchell, Rep. Ed Royce, Foreign Minister Zaoralek

Friends of Slovakia partnered with the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) to sponsor an October 1 Forum on “Transatlantic Security in a Cold Climate”. The Forum featured distinguished speakers from Central and Eastern Europe and the United States including President Ilves of Estonia and President Vejonis of Latvia, Czech Foreign Minister Zaoralek, former Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski, Slovak State Secretary Slobodnik, the Commander of U.S. Army Europe, LTG Hodges, Senator Chris Murphy and the Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rep. Ed Royce.

Latvian President Vejonis, Estonian President Ilves, Senator Chris Murphy, Under Secretary Stengel

Latvian President Vejonis, Estonian
President Ilves, Senator Chris Murphy,
Under Secretary Stengel

Major themes of the Forum included the threats to transatlantic security emanating from Russian aggression in Ukraine, massive Russian use of traditional and social media to spread disinformation and efforts to split the NATO alliance, coping with the flood of refugees from the Middle East and the Balkans, empowering European energy diversification and preparing for the Warsaw NATO Summit in July 2016.

The CEPA Forum program is available on the website.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblr

First Catholic Slovak Union Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary

The First Catholic Slovak Union (FCSU) celebrated its 125th Anniversary with a gala dinner at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cleveland on August 29, 2015. Several members of Friends of Slovakia played key roles in the celebration and/or participated on the festivities.

The First Catholic Slovak Union (FCSU), also known as the ‘Jednota’ (Union) was founded in 1890 by a group headed by Rev. Stephen Furdek in Cleveland, OH. The anniversary evening opened with a Mass celebrated by the Right Reverend Gary Hoover, OSB, Abbott of St. Andrew Abbey, and several concelebrants, which also honored the 100th anniversary of the passing of founder Fr. Furdek. The evening continued with a dinner attended by over 300 FCSU members and guests. Among the speakers at the dinner was former U.S. Ambassador, and FOS Board of Advisors member, Vincent Obsitnik, who spoke briefly and offered a toast. An address by FCSU President Andrew M. Rajec followed. Slovak Ambassador Peter Kmec then gave a keynote speech highlighting Slovakia’s accomplishments since gaining independence. A wonderful combined performance by two Slovak folklore ensembles, Veselica from Chicago and Lucina from Cleveland, entertained the attendees. FOS Board of Directors member Andrew P. Rajec, served as Master of Ceremonies for the event. Also participating in the event were FOS Vice Chairman, Ken Bombara and Board member Sabina Sabados, who is also a Regional Director of the FCSU.

The FCSU’s 125th anniversary celebration continued in Washington, DC, on September 12, with a pilgrimage to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. The event featured a Mass celebrated by Cardinal Wuerl, followed by a blessing at the much-revered Slovak shrine of Our Mother of Sorrows. The more than 300 pilgrims from various localities then traveled to the Slovak Embassy for a cocktail reception. The following day the FCSU traveled to Middletown, PA, for the dedication of its newly renovated Jednota Memorial at its Jednota Estates site.

Friends of Slovakia extends its congratulations and best wishes for the future to the FCSU!

FOS Co-sponsors Talk on Slovak Political Prisoners

On September 19, 2015 Friends of Slovakia in cooperation with the Slovak American Society of Washington, D.C., co-sponsored a talk by Prof. Jana Kopelentová-Řehák of the University of Maryland. Her topic was Slovak political prisoners during the communist-era; the talk was held at the Slovak Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Prof. Kopelentova-Rehak’s research largely derives from her dissertation work, which subsequently led to the publication of the book Czech Political Prisoners. For this talk, she focused on the topic from a Slovak perspective and pointed out several areas where the experience of Slovak prisoners differed from those of their Czech compatriots. For example, while Czech prisoners were typically kept in facilities within the country, many Slovak prisoners were sent to the Soviet Union and were often isolated from other Slovaks, in an apparent effort at ‘ethnic fragmentation.’ Her talk also dealt with the personal stories of survivors and their efforts to re-integrate into society. Their desire to obtain ‘rehabilitation’ and compensation was often not realized until the post-communist era. Those attending the talk gained a deeper perspective of this difficult era of Slovak and Czech history.

FOS would like to thank the Slovak American Society for their cooperation, with special thanks to Helen Fedor for organizing the event. Prof. Kopelentová-Řehák’s book is available online.

Slovak WWII Film Screened at the Embassy


Slovak Film Director Dusan Hudec points out photos of the Praskac and Rehus families who sheltered downed U.S. pilot Owen Sullivan in WWII to FOS members Julie Slavik and Amb. Ted Russell

Slovak Film Director Dusan Hudec points out photos of the Praskac and Rehus families who sheltered
downed U.S. pilot Owen Sullivan in WWII to FOS
members Julie Slavik and Amb. Ted Russell

Dusan Hudec showed and then commented on his brilliant film “Veterans of World War II” May 14 to a SRO audience at the Slovak Embassy. Friends of Slovakia supported production of Mr. Hudec’s companion film, “The Final Mission”, shown at the Embassy last November. A photo exhibit drawn from “The Final Mission” picturing downed U.S. pilots rescued and hidden by Slovak families accompanied yesterday’s film showing. 106 U.S. pilots died and approximately 370 were captured in Slovakia in WWII, but many succeeded in escaping thanks to the Slovaks who hid them.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblr