CEO of the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, Gail Naughton, by Pavol Demes

CEO Gail NaughtonHere is an interview of the President and CEO of the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, Gail Naughton,  by Pavol Demes, former Slovak Minister of International Relations, Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Slovakia and currently Senior Non-Resident Fellow with the German Marshall Fund. CEO Naughton describes some of the exciting programs the NCSML plans going forward including celebrations in 2018 of the Centennial of the creation of an independent nation of Czechs and Slovaks.


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Pavol Demeš interviews US Ambassador to Slovakia Adam Sterling

Pavol Demeš, host of the World Here & Now talk show and senior non-resident fellow with the German Marshal Fund of the US, interviewed the US Ambassador to Slovakia Adam Sterling.

Interview main topics include:
► U.S. – Slovak Relations and NATO
► U.S. Steel Kosice
► New U.S. Administration
► Tweeting & Social Media by the U.S. Embassy in Bratislava
► U.S. – Russia Relations
► Trump – Putin Meeting
► U.S. President Trump – NATO Summit in Brussels
► Amb. Sterling’s pastimes

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WORLD HERE & NOW: Pavol Demes with Adam Sterling, U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia