Friends of Slovakia Mission

Friends of Slovakia is a Washington based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of volunteers founded in 2001. Friends of Slovakia mission is to strengthen friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation between the United States and Slovakia, as nations sharing similar values of freedom, democracy and a market economy. We seek to promote this cooperation in economic, business, political, security, cultural, educational and humanitarian fields and to improve mutual understanding between our two peoples.

To achieve our mission, we have set the following three goals:

  1. To educate the US public about Slovakia, its history, its culture, and its numerous ties to the United States.
  2. To enhance the relationship between Slovakia and the United States in all its various aspects, including promotion of increased cultural and economic exchanges between our two countries.
  3. To promote understanding and friendship between our two peoples.


Political Ties

Friends of Slovakia seeks to promote a greater understanding of Slovakia and its domestic, foreign and security policies by America’s decision-makers. Primary areas of activity include building networks and increasing Slovakia’s visibility in the United States through a series of Roundtables on major topics of interest.

Economic Ties

Friends of Slovakia works with Slovak and American companies and entrepreneurs to explore and advance bilateral economic ties of trade and investment.

Academic, Cultural, and Social Ties

Friends of Slovakia is committed to enabling Slovaks and Americans to share with each other the rich and diverse artistic and cultural heritage of both countries. In this area, Friends of Slovakia brings young Slovak leaders to the United States through a summer Slovak Scholars program and promotes a variety of cultural exchanges.