FOS Wall of Honor – 2006 Honorees

(Honorees are the names chosen by the donor; the donor may be different from the name inscribed on the plaque)

Individual Plaques
Boeing – Our Future Together
In appreciation for Archie Casey
Eco Invest – Milan Filo
Brooks and Olga Galik McClure
Alyson and Peter Muzila
Northrop Grumman, Manassas, VA
Anne & Marc Nuttle, Oklahoma, USA
SCS SBOR 26, Campbell, OH, 30 Aug 1908
Donna, Matt, Kathy, Chris & Ted Senko
Honoring Juraj and Gita Slavik

Group Plaque
Ingrid Kimianova Aielli * Marco Arcelli * Jan Bajanek, Biz Communications * Deloitte Slovakia * Julie Finley * GAMO – IT Leader in Slovakia * Lee Gorsuch, City University * Dr. Paul J. Hutta * Microsoft Slovakia * Col. (R) and Mrs. John R. Miller * In Memory of John and Mary Svitek * The Joseph Wesely Family * Martina Zabkova & Alex Zabka