FOS Wall of Honor – 2008 Honorees

In September 2008, new plaques were installed on the FOS Wall of Honor in the garden of the Slovak Embassy in Washington. Due to circumstances beyond FOS’s control, the plaques spanned several years of donations. Every effort has been made to ensure a complete listing of the donors of the new plaques. FOS thanks each of its donors for their support and generosity to FOS and the Wall of Honor. In particular, FOS thanks those listed below whose plaques were installed in 2008.

BEZ Transformatory, a.s.
Czech and Slovak Heritage Association, Baltimore, MD
The Durisek and Ochodnicky Families
Eco-Invest, a.s.
Frederick N. Frank
Gamo, a.s.
Martha Parke Gibian
Gratex International
Paula A. Harvan
Daniel A. Heyl
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kisska
Kevin Kisska
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kisska
KPMG Slovakia
Stephen Linko
Lockheed Martin
Brooks and Olga Gallik McClure
Mr. and Mrs. David Mehigan
Microsoft Slovakia
Col. (R) and Mrs. John R Miller
Alyson and Peter Muzila
Northrup Grumman, Manassas, VA.
Karol, Darina, and Darinka Pavlu
Richard M. Porvaznik
Scott and Stephanie Salmon
Chris and Kathryn Schulze
Joseph and Albina Senko
Juraj and Julie Slavik
Slovak Catholic Sokol, Assembly 26, Campbell, OH
Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP
Jan and Lenka Surotchak
U.S. Steel
U.S. Steel Kosice
Volkswagen of America
Zapadoslovenska energetika