Get involved with FOS in supporting ‘A Higher Authority’, the documentary of a Slovak Holocaust survivor.

Become involved at the ground level of an important new film project. This endeavor will  not only document the life of a Slovak Holocaust survivor in her own words, but also bring honor and recognition to the Catholic priest and ordinary Slovak citizens who risked their lives, in allegiance to an authority higher than that of the Nazi regime, to rescue one Jewish family. Friends of Slovakia has partnered with Next Film Productions in documenting this moving story of Klara Sever’s childhood and of the bravery of Slovak villagers who enabled her family to survive the Holocaust and prevail through WWII.

Preliminary filming for the epilogue of this docudrama has already begun in Slovakia. If you would like to contribute to the production of this important film, please send a check to Friends of Slovakia, P.O. Box 8033, Falls Church, VA 22041-9998 marked “film project” or contact Patricia Wood at:

Click here for the film flyer: A Higher Authority Film Flyer