Promoting friendship between the United States and Slovakia since 2001

Academic Exchanges

Academic Exchanges

Friends of Slovakia’s Academic Exchanges and Scholarships Program has emerged as invaluable opportunities for Slovak and American students, scholars, and researchers to expand their intellectual horizons, foster cross-cultural understanding, and advance their academic and research pursuits. This program forms a dynamic framework that promotes bilateral collaboration, encourages academic excellence, and contributes to the development of future leaders in various fields. In this ever-evolving world, FOS Academic Exchanges Program serves as a catalyst for transformative experiences that transcend borders, bridge US-Slovak cultures, and create a more interconnected society.

Academic Exchanges

The FOS academic exchanges foster mutual understanding between university students in Slovakia and the United States, while also boosting their awareness and curiosity about significant global matters.


Subject to donor funds, FOS Scholarships play a vital role in supporting talented Slovak and American individuals seeking academic and research excellence. It encourages cross-cultural understanding, skills-building, and innovation.

FOS Scholarships

Since 2002, FOS has proudly supported more than 45 scholars, propelling them toward their academic dreams and groundbreaking research pursuits. We continue to foster a dynamic community of scholars, empowering them to make a lasting impact on society and shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

  • Kamila Potočárová

    Kamila Potočárová Linkedin Icon

    Washington, D.C. | 2015

    …this short episode of my life has been the most energizing and rewarding experience so far.”

  • Lucia Cerchlan

    Lucia Cerchlan Linkedin Icon

    Washington, D.C. | 2015

    This opportunity opened more doors than I have ever imagined!”

  • Tomas Sakal

    Tomas Sakal Linkedin Icon

    Washington, D.C. | 2015

    …this is one of the very best ways you can spend eight weeks of your life…”

  • Juraj Hostak

    Juraj Hostak Linkedin Icon

    Washington, D.C. | 2015

    …living, learning, and interning in Washington, DC helped me realign my values and goals…”

  • Ondrej Sočuvka

    Ondrej Sočuvka Linkedin Icon

    Washington, D.C. | 2004

    I am very grateful to Friends of Slovakia and all those who enabled me to take
    part in this exceptional and life-changing experience.”

  • Miriama Letovanec

    Miriama Letovanec Linkedin Icon

    Washington, D.C. | 2008

    I had the opportunity to be in Washington, D.C., when the country was hit by the financial crisis and during the Obama vs. McCain presidential campaign. Truly a unique experience!”

  • Andrea Tittelová

    Andrea Tittelová Linkedin Icon

    Washington, D.C. | 2013

    Being a TFAS Scholar at the Institute of Government and Business Affairs and at the US Steel Office shaped my life forever. It gave me a chance to grow personally and professionally like no other program. It has truly been a life-changing experience.”

  • Pavol Gavor

    Pavol Gavor

    Washington, D.C. | 2011

    The best experience from the summer in Washington, D.C. was to meet lobbyists, experience the US schooling system and make new connections in the international environment.”

  • Helena Reichlová

    Helena Reichlová Linkedin Icon

    Washington, D.C. | 2012

    The whole program is one of the best memories of my entire life. I enjoyed every bit of it – international student environment, engaging lectures and discussions, student activities, trips and visits of monuments and sites, meeting influential entrepreneurs and diplomats with Slovak roots and gaining practical experience at my internship with the National Geographic Society.”

  • Adam Šebesta

    Adam Šebesta

    Washington, D.C. | 2014

    I can’t forget about my journey to U.S. Congress to meet John L. Mica – a congressman proud of having Slovak roots.”