Promoting friendship between the United States and Slovakia since 2001



For more than two decades, Friends of Slovakia has been instrumental in cultivating collaboration and mutual understanding between the United States and Slovakia. FOS has achieved this through a wide range of programs and activities, including cultural exchanges, educational partnerships, seminars, webinars, fundraising events, diplomatic engagements, volunteer work, and humanitarian projects – all focused on fostering mutual understanding, promoting dialogue, sharing knowledge, and exchanging ideas.






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FOS Impact

FOS has successfully bridged the gap between the two countries and provided Americans with the opportunity to engage in productive dialogue, gain expert analysis, and establish partnerships and connections.

Our outreach efforts are aimed at building lasting relationships between Slovakia and the United States and encouraging collaboration in various fields, including diplomacy, education, foreign policy, civil society, business, tourism, technology, art, and sports. We organize events that bring together decision-makers, politicians, business people, civil society leaders, activists, artists, influencers, and students from both countries.

We provide nuanced perspectives and detailed explanations of significant events and developments in Slovakia to help Americans understand its rich history, society, politics, the path to democracy, diplomacy, vibrant culture, current events, and other significant developments affecting transatlantic understanding. We promote academic collaborations, research partnerships, networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing. Additionally, we facilitate events and partnerships that strengthen bilateral relations, enhance political dialogue, and promote cooperation in various fields, such as security, diplomacy, and governance. Finally, we encourage volunteer, relief, and humanitarian projects that involve citizens from both countries working together to address social and environmental issues.


Way Forward

As FOS looks ahead to the future, its outreach efforts will continue to evolve and adapt to the changing dynamics of the United States and Slovakia. FOS remains dedicated to providing accurate and insightful information about Slovakia to American audiences, facilitating dialogue and understanding between the two nations, and nurturing relationships that promote mutual cooperation and friendship.