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President Obama Nominates Theodore Sedgwick As New American Ambassador To Slovakia


In a statement released on January 20, 2010, President Barack Obama announced his nomination of Theodore Sedgwick as the new Ambassador to Slovakia. This announcement marks a significant step in furthering diplomatic relations between the United States and Slovakia.

The nomination of Mr. Sedgwick was communicated to the public by Chase Beamer, the press attaché of the US Embassy in Slovakia. President Obama will present Mr. Sedgwick’s nomination to the US Senate for confirmation, after which he will undertake the responsibilities of the Ambassadorial role.

Theodore Sedgwick, a prominent figure with a background in publishing expert publications, particularly in the domain of wood processing and trading, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position. A resident of Virginia, Mr. Sedgwick has been actively involved in supporting Democratic Party candidates and contributed significantly to President Obama’s campaign efforts in 2008. Upon confirmation by the US Senate, Mr. Sedgwick will assume his duties as Ambassador to Slovakia, where he will present his credentials to Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič. While the exact timeline for this process remains uncertain, it is anticipated that the Senate hearing will take place in February, as per Chase Beamer.

The appointment of Theodore Sedgwick fills a critical diplomatic vacancy, as the position of US Ambassador in Slovakia has been vacant since the departure of former Ambassador Vincent Obsitnik in January 2009. Mr. Sedgwick’s nomination underscores the commitment of the United States to strengthening bilateral ties with Slovakia and fostering mutual cooperation on various fronts.


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