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Grigorij Mesežnikov Appointed to FOS Board of Directors: Strengthening Leadership


We are thrilled to welcome Grigorij “Grisha” Mesežnikov, who was elected as a new member of the FOS Board at the 2024 FOS Annual Board Meeting on February 23rd. As the President of the Institute for Public Affairs (IVO) in Bratislava, Slovakia, and a prominent political scientist, Grisha brings unparalleled expertise in understanding political systems in post-communist societies. His extensive research, focusing on party development, authoritarianism, populism, and nationalism, has not only shaped scholarly discourse but also informed policy decisions. Grisha’s international recognition, including prestigious fellowships like the Reagan-Fascell Fellowship and the Taiwan Fellowship Program, underscores his significant contributions to comparative research on democratization.

With his profound insights and thought leadership, Grisha has become a sought-after commentator on Slovak politics for both domestic and international media outlets. His acclaimed publications, such as the Global Reports on Slovakia, have become indispensable resources for understanding the complexities of Slovak political dynamics. Additionally, Grisha’s tenure as a visiting fellow at the Institute for Human Science in Vienna, participating in Europe’s Futures program, highlights his commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogue and advancing global cooperation.

As Grisha joins the FOS Board, we are excited to leverage his expertise to further our mission of promoting the US-Slovak partnership. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Grisha as we embark on this journey together. FOS also expresses appreciation and best wishes to its departing board members, Dr. Elizabeth Guran, Scott Thayer, and Roger Kodat.

In addition to Grisha’s appointment, the FOS Board has re-elected the existing Executive Team to continue leading the organization. Martina Hrvolová will continue serving as Chairwoman, with Andrew Rajec as Vice Chairman, Tom Skladony as Secretary and Treasurer, and Bibiana Rais and Richard Marko as Executive Committee officers. The newly re-elected Board and Executive Committee are eager to continue building upon FOS’ remarkable achievements in 2023.

To learn more about our new and existing members of the FOS Leadership, please visit the FOS Leadership section on our website.


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